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The Gift of Giving

When December arrives it seems that everyone starts to give.  People are a little less bitter and more forgiving.  Why is it only one time out of the year that people are that way?  Why can’t it be everyday throughout the year?  We have all seen the…

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It’s Time!As I peer over the ledge and into the hotel lobby panic starts to set in!  There is a sea of…View Post

It’s Time!

As I peer over the ledge and into the hotel lobby panic starts to set in!  There is a sea of…

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How extreme does someone go for body building bikini competition?


This week has been a tough one for me.  I can see that I’m making some…View Post

How extreme does someone go for body building bikini competition?




This week has been a tough one for me.  I can see that I’m making some…

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Temptation oh the Temptation

Seriously, my own husband is trying to sabotage this competition prep!  Making brownies and all kinds of warm yumminess in the house takes some serious self-control!!!  I know that instant gratification is not worth my long-term goal but lord when I went…

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In over my head with competing

This adventure that I impulsively took on is not turning out quite like I had planned.   I don’t have enough time to safely get down to where I need to be in 10 weeks for a competition.  Could I hire a coach that would tell me I could, probably but since…

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You can do anything and everything you want.  The only thing that will hold you back is your mindset.  Some people might say its money or not having enough time or maybe its even a question of their ability; however in reality its how you think.  For example lets say that in fact you think its money.  Everyone has money its just how they spend it and if you truly want something you will find a way to get it.  That is a different kind of mindset.  I say there are two types of mindsets out there the “Excuses mindset” or the “Go Get It mindset”.  They basically name themselves, but in  my definition of it the excuses mindset will never get where they want to be in life and will blame everyone else instead of looking inside them to make the change.  THe go get it mindset on the other hand is the one of 2% of the world who are extremely successful because no matter their circumstance they find a way to make what they want happen.  They think outside the box and don’t let anything get in their way!  Which one are you?

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Tapout XT

On Day 10 of my 90 day challenge I started Tapout XT.  Now, I have done Insanity and P90X before so I was wondering how this compares.  My body seems to only respond to high intensity workouts and I’m always up for a challenge so I said why not?  I also video taped my first day and condensed it so you can see what the workout is like.  Message me if you would like my Youtube channel to check it out. 

     I did Day 1 and to be honest I recommend everyone to use a mat especially on a carpet, because you will get rug burn!  Also,  I ended up stopping and then restarting yesterday.  I’m on Day 2 now and I will say that I noticed that I don’t sweat as much as I did during Insanity; however It is intense and I am sore.  The killer moves at the end are named correctly especially the Grinder! LOL 

     With any good workout nutrition plays the vital role since you need it to fuel your body for the workouts as well as keeping you lean and healthy!  I try to change what I eat every week so that way I don’t get bored.  Last week I started my days off with clean oatmeal, a BBV Shake, 5 oz of chicken breast with veggies, Shake, and a decent dinner or at least I tried to.  I am human and I did slip, but since I have that goal of being a bikini competitor I need to stop letting excuses get in the way and just get it done!  Let me know if you are doing Tapout, How you like it and what your eating looks like?  I would love to be kept accountable!  have a great day and stay posted!  You can always follow me on facebook as well :) 

This rings so true!  People confuse the words diet and lifestyle.  To truly impact your health and make a change one must evaluate their lifestyle and adjust it accordingly! :) 

This rings so true!  People confuse the words diet and lifestyle.  To truly impact your health and make a change one must evaluate their lifestyle and adjust it accordingly! :) 

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A quote by James Lovell

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen..”- James Lovell

         Now, which one are you? I used to be the person who watched things happened or wished i could do those things, but now I have graduated to the person who makes things happen!!! Sometimes it is just as simple as stepping out of your comfort zone or facing your fear!  I totally believe in if things are meant to happen they will, but that does not go without effort!  Do you want to be happier, healthier, wealthier?? What is stopping you? Is it a sad story you have been carrying around with you or some kind of excuse?  LET IT GO!!!!!!!! Seriously, just let it go!  Take any bad experience and turn that into lessons learned and find that ray of sunshine in the dark cloud!  Do you still believe that you can do and be anything that you wanted???  Why do we lose that sense of childhood ignorance?  I for one can recall an incident in my childhood where my father told me I would not be going to the bahamas with my girls scout group and I made sure I went.  I made sure I did everything in my power to prove him wrong.  It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t do something. 

         Just like everyone else we grow up.  We let other influences and fear kinda run our lives or maybe we use our past as a crutch as to why we are where we are and can’t change our circumstance!  Well,  I can tell you that I came from a messed up background and not only did I conquer that I have been willing to take risks in my life that have shaped my future for greatness.  Will you be the Pessimist that is negative, the Optimist that always has the positive out come or the opportunist that make things happen???  


10 Week Jump Rope Workout

       One day I asked on my facebook what everyone was working out too and a good friend of mine said she just bought a jump rope to workout in the garage with.  I got to thinking if I knew any good workouts with a Jump Rope and then it hit me that indeed I did. Remember when you were a kid and jump roped all the time? You thought it was fun?  Well its a great workout and something you can enjoy as an adult!

        Courtesy of Oxygen magazine dont ask me what issue, because I have no idea.  I flipped through my workout book and found one.  Jumping rope is a fantastic workout and for the average 130 lb woman you will burn around 11.6 calories per minute @ 145 revolutions per minute.  Why is it better then running? Well, first of all it involves your whole body composition, it improves your cardiovascular endurance, bone density, helps your overall agility, strength and balance!  Christina this is for you! 

Wk           Sessions/wk           Duration of set     Rest b/w set     Jumping sets         Time  

1                    3                         30s                      30s                  10                         5m

2                    3                        1min                     30s                  8                           8m

3                  3-4                      1.5min                  30s                  6                           9m  

4                  3-5                      2min                     30s                  5                         10m

5                  3-5                      2.5min                  30s                  4                         10m

6                  3-5                      3min                     30s                  4                         12m

7                  3-5                      3.5min                  30s                  4                         14m

8                  3-5                       4min                    45s                  4                          16m

9                  3-5                       4.5min                 45s                  4                          18m

10                3-5                       5min                    1min                4                          20m

4 Jumps:

Basic Jump- normal jump roping

Hamstring curl- kicking foot to butt when jumping

Low kicks- alt basic jumps w/kicks after one jump

Boxer shuffle- From side to side with both feet together

Enjoy let me know how you like it!  



Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but it has been an insane week for me!!!!!! Visalus just announced that we will be partnering with the co producer of the BIGGEST LOSER in order to create our own transformation show!!!!! How crazy is that???? So, I wanted to invite you all to join me on my 90 day challenge journey with them. Follow me on facebook and my channel. I would love the support! It has been my dream since 2006 to look like the beautiful women on Oxygen Magazine and walk the stage!  So, follow, share, like, and vote! My first video is my experience with the BOD POD!!!!!! I will be posting my video on my story, goal, and measurements later tonight!

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I will be posting more fitness/health on my blog as well I just wanted to let everyone know why I have been MIA!!!!!!! look forward to hearing from all of you! :)   IF I can so can you!!!!!!!! 


No Equipment Exercises

       Who says you need a gym to workout? Who says you need weights to work out?? Yes, the gym is fantastic if you need some extra motivation from others.  Yes, lifting weights is beneficial for those sexy muscles and your bones, but who says you can’t use your own body weight?? 

       Before ancient greeks took stones and rope to mock what we would now call a weight machine they used their body weight! Insanity is based on using your body weight to get the body you want, so why do people think it is so far fetched????

    Well I thought I would post some of my favorite body weight exercises!!! Some are full body, abdominal, cardio/strength, and particular concentration on other parts.   

       Full body workout will be performed 3-4x w/ 1 minute in between sets! If you are a beginner then just go with 1x….. the exercise instead of twice before moving on to the next one. Also if you have to perform the pushups on your knees until you get stronger, but try to do as many as possible off your knees.  Also when performing squats make sure to not have your knees past your toes! 

2 x 25 Lunges

2 x 25 Sumo Squats

2 x 35 mountain climbers

2 x 15 pushups

2 x 35 bicycle crunches

1:00 Knee Ups

1:00 plank 

An awesome Cardio workout is as follows:

20 Jumping Jacks

30 sec high knees

30 sec butt kicks

5 jump kicks 

30 sec mountain climbers

30 sec- 1 minute water break 

5 burpees

20 Jumping Jacks

30 sec jump rope ( if you don’t have a jump rope just pretend lol)

5 jump lunges ( when you switch feet jump in the air switch feet and repeat)

30 Jumping Jacks

30 second jump rope

5 burpees

30 secs RUN in place not jog RUN

30 second water break

20 jumping Jacks

10 lateral jumps

5 jump squats

30 second jump rope

5 jump squats ( when you jump in the air pull knees to your chest)

Ab workout:

If you are a beginner only do 1 set.  

50 sit-ups

100 Jump ropes

100 flutter kicks ( each leg) beginner do 50 each

100 jump ropes

50 leg raises

100 jump ropes

100 mountain climbers (each leg) beginner same as flutter kicks

100 Jump ropes

Remember after each workout to properly hydrate and to stretch, because I promise you will be sore!!!!!!